The Dangers of DIY Furnace Installation

Kliemannbros-The Dangers of DIY Furnace Installation

Homeowners often look at labor costs and wonder if they could save with DIY furnace installation. But this is extremely dangerous. Residential furnaces are more complex than most people realize. Whether installing a gas or electric model, various issues can arise. Any repairs you need due to installation mistakes can cost you more than if you scheduled professional service in the first place.

These are some of the dangers of a DIY approach and why you should rely on a professional for forced air furnace installation:

Choosing a System with the Wrong Capacity

A furnace must be the right size for your home. Otherwise, it will work inefficiently. If it’s too large, the system can turn off too soon, short cycle, and wear itself out. It may also not remove enough humidity. Too small a system will run constantly and require more repairs. Improperly sized furnaces can also fail prematurely.

A professional performs a Manual J load calculation to determine the right heating capacity. It considers the square footage of your home, its building materials, quality of insulation, number and size of windows and doors, and other factors, including climate. Furnace size is calculated in tons and British Thermal Units (BTUs); a ton equals 12,000 BTUs/hour. A 2,000-square-foot home can require 80,000 to 115,000 BTUs for efficient heating.1

Installing a Furnace Has Safety Risks

Safety is one reason to hire a professional. Some of the hazards include:

  • Injury due to moving heavy machinery without the right tools and equipment.
  • Gas leaks, especially if the joints and connections on the gas line aren’t sealed and secured. 
  • Natural gas or carbon monoxide leaks with toxic and deadly effects. 
  • Electrical wiring mistakes that can cause shock or electrocution, 
  • Poor electrical connections that drain power, trip the circuit breaker or create a fire risk.

An Improperly Installed Furnace Won’t Provide the Comfort You Need

A licensed and trained heating contractor is familiar with every step of the process. They follow manufacturer guidelines and industry standards during furnace installation. Otherwise, you may face persistent issues such as:

  • Poor Air Distribution: The unit’s output capacity may not match the size of the air ducts. Or, the furnace and ductwork may not be properly connected. Issues with air distribution can limit heating power, so your home doesn’t reach the right temperature.
  • Hot and Cold Spots: When your heating system can’t distribute air properly, you can feel hot and cold spots as you walk through your home. If some rooms are too warm and others too cold, there may be deeper issues in the system.
  • Indoor Air Quality Issues: If an installation issue affects airflow, your home may be more dusty. There may also be increased moisture and humidity. A mistake in installing the drain system can lead to water damage and mold, which further decreases indoor air quality.
  • Improper System Venting: Installing the wrong size or material of vent pipes can reduce the performance of your furnace. It can also cause combustion gases to build up indoors. Problems with a flue pipe can cause a carbon monoxide leak.

Poor Furnace Installation Can Drain Your Finances

An incorrectly sized furnace and mistakes in installing equipment and connections can have costly long-term consequences. You will not only pay more for energy. The furnace may also require more repairs throughout its life. Every time it needs to be fixed, you’ll pay for parts and labor (you’ll void the warranty by skipping professional installation).

Poorly installed furnaces also tend not to last as long. In addition to higher energy and repair bills, you’ll probably have to replace the unit sooner. A properly installed furnace can last 15 to 20 years. It won’t last nearly as long if there’s excess wear and tear and you’ll have to pay for a new one much sooner.

How Do I Know I’m Choosing the Right Furnace Installation Contractor?

Just because you’ve picked a heating expert instead of going the DIY route, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll avoid these issues. Therefore, pick a contractor with the latest HVAC industry certifications. A technician with NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification has passed knowledge-based core and specialty tests. Also, check to see if they’re licensed and bonded; ask for references (both former and current clients) willing to recommend the contractor’s services.

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Forced air furnace installation is a complex job requiring many considerations. Most DIYers aren’t familiar enough with how a gas furnace works or equipped to install one properly. At Kliemann Brothers, our technicians install high-quality systems and match them with the heating needs of households in Tacoma, WA. We ensure your furnace performs reliably, efficiently, and safely for many years. To schedule furnace installation and learn about specials, rebates, and financing, request service online or call (253) 215-8212.


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