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Heat Pumps

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A heat pump is a perfectly suited heating-and-cooling system for the Tacoma, WA, area. Our Kliemann Brothers professionals repair, install, and maintain more of these heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems than ever before. With their ever-growing popularity, our home-comfort specialists stay ahead of the technology associated with these versatile systems. As such, we are able to provide you with the level of comfort you desire in your home. Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities, so you can trust we will do all we can to be sure you are happy with your heat pump.

The Heat Pump Difference

Heat pumps have a lot to offer, as they are versatile and efficient. If you have a heat pump in your home, you don’t require separate equipment for each heating-and-cooling need. Unlike traditional furnaces and air conditioners, a heat pump can work double duty, serving as both heater and cooler, depending on the need.

Other than both systems heat your home, a heat pump works very differently than a furnace. A heat pump works more like an air conditioner in the fact that it transfers heat from one location to another. A furnace creates its own heat to distribute throughout your home, but a heat pump takes heat from outdoors and transfers it indoors, thereby warming the inside of your home. The heat pump does the reverse to cool your home, just like an air conditioner, by removing the heat from inside your home and sending it outside, leaving only cool air behind.

All this heating and cooling is accomplished without burning any fossil fuel. The heat pump extracts its energy from either the air, water, or ground, depending on your pump type. With this type of energy use, the heat pump is highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Heat Pump Advantage

There are benefits to heating and/or cooling your home with a heat pump. One benefit is its small carbon footprint. A heat pump is extremely environmentally friendly by not utilizing fossil fuels so it operates efficiently and cleanly. In fact, it creates one-and-a-half to three times more energy than it uses.

Another couple heat-pump benefits are its installation convenience and cost savings. Instead of having separate heating and cooling components, everything is handled by the heat pump. This convenience is cost effective for you, as there are less elements to install, saving you money.

For All Your Heat Pump Needs

At Kliemann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning, we are ready to repair, install, or maintain your heat pump. If yours requires an emergency repair, keep in mind we offer 24/7 emergency service. Call us at 253-537-0655 for all your heat pump needs.

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The technician who visited Our Home did a great job in Covington, WA 98038

“The technician who visited Our Home did a great job and was very knowledgeable he also had excellent people skills
thank you so much and have a Merry Christmas!” – ART B.

Thanks for getting us back in working order

“Austin was quick in identifying the issue, checked the rest of the equipment on the heat pump to verify it was working order … explained what was happening and made it clear to understand? Helpful and thoughtful are two words I would use to describe his demeanor and customer service. Thanks for getting us back in working order?”

– Greg F.

Great customer service

“The install crew was professional, friendly and left everything clean. They took time to explain everything. Great customer service.”

– Lisa H.

I highly recommend the Kliemann Brothers

“We are happy with the Trane heat pump itself, the service, and the installation. Nate Fine has provided us with outstanding service throughout the process. He helped us place the heat pump where it needed to be placed to meet Enumclaw city codes. He made sure the Kliemann Brothers crew followed our installation instructions. The crew itself completed the installation of the heat pump professionally. Nate even came by after the installation, due to a problem caused by a lack of communication from Comcast, to touch up the look of the electrical connection to the electrical box. He has been available for questions on the thermostat and the replacement filter to our Trane furnace. Another plus is the office staff, who have been helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend the Kliemann Brothers.”

– Scott M.

I would highly recommend them!

“Brian and Aaron did an amazing job installing our new heat pump today! Their craftsmanship and love for doing exceptional work was greatly appreciated! I would highly recommend them as well as Tami on the sales side of things!”

– Ryan G.

Everyone involved in the process has been very professional and courteous

“Shawn and his crew just replaced an old electric furnace with a new heat pump and air handler. They did a great job, very professional in all respects. Very courteous from start to finish. Prior to making our decision to go with Kliemann Bros. Stephanie did a very professional job in making her presentation and inspection for our home for the future installation of the system. Everyone involved in the process has been very professional and courteous.”

– Del M.

We happily and most highly recommend Kliemann Brothers and certainly will use them in the future.

“This is a review of a new installation of a Heat Pump and Furnace replacement. Our comfort consultant Tami set the appointment and arrived on time and with a smile. She was very knowledgeable, professional, and quite nice. We receive a fair bid (received 2 bids from other companies), accepted, and the installation began within 4 days. Installation crew arrived on time, explained what they were going to do and got right to work on day one. They left after they removed the old furnace, installed the new furnace (working and providing heat), thermostat, piping, and the outside pad for the heat pump. Everything was tidy and cleaned up before they left – not a scrap of anything anywhere! Day 2 they finished the installation of the heat pump with the help of a licensed electrician – also from Kliemann Bros. They then walked us through the operation of the units, spoke to necessary maintenance, and described all their work in detail. Professional in every respect – it's quite obvious they take pride in doing their job well. And that's why our complete experience from Kliemann Brothers received a 5 star review from us. In this day and age it's a son of gun to try to find honest, professional, and trustworthy people with which to do business. We happily and most highly recommend Kliemann Brothers and certainly will use them in the future.”

– bill r.

Very Pleased

The 1983-built house we bought a year ago was our first experience with heat pumps. In this current cold spell our high end pump was not producing sufficient heat regularly and the “aux heat” in it would not come on. Nathan came out earlier this week, checked the whole system thoroughly as I watched and found it all was working well and wired correctly, including the aux heat and compressor. He explained that while the ********* thermostat was working correctly at the moment, it is possible that since it was old it might have intermittent failure. While he was here he also explained clearly to me how the heat pump cycles each hour, etc. An hour or so after he left, the fan would not work. I called and he returned shortly thereafter to see if a new thermostat actually would solve the problem. He installed and programmed it following my specific choices. It completely did and for the last few days all has been working perfectly. I was very pleased with his knowledge and repair skills but also his ability to explain the system at the right level of detail and in terms a customer can understand. Thanks again, Nathan! 

Superior Technician

I was having some issue with my heat pump. The unit was totally shut down. I called Kliemann Brothers and they sent out a tech named Nathan he was courteous and had a solid knowledge on my Mitsubishi Heat Pump. He figured out the issue with the heat pump quickly. He is definitely a large asset to the success of the Kliemann Brothers tech team. I don’t normally write reviews, but this tech was Superior in all aspects of his job.
Jim M.


Nathan from Kliemann Bros did a service on my heat pump. He’s very knowledgeable and very professional. He took his time to teach me the basic heat pump operation and he explained it very well. Kudos Nathan!

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