Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical service.
Electrical service.

An up-to-date electrical panel is essential for keeping your home safe. The powerhouse of your electrical system, the panel protects your home from short circuits, overloads, and fires. If your electrical panel is outdated or inadequate for your home’s needs, you’re at risk for higher energy usage and home disasters. Read on to find out when it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade and how Kliemann Brothers can help. 

Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

An aging or insufficient electrical panel gives off warning signs when it’s unable to meet your household needs. The top signs indicating it’s time for an upgrade include:

  • Rising energy bills: If your energy use hasn’t changed but your electrical bills are on the rise, your panel could be to blame. When a system starts to deteriorate or malfunction, it has to work harder to produce the same results, increasing energy usage.
  • Your panel is over 20 years old: If you haven’t upgraded your residential electrical panel in over two decades, it’s likely time to schedule an appointment. Older panels have a harder time keeping up with the needs of modern households and can be a hazard to your home.
  • Your panel contains fuses: If you have an older panel containing fuses rather than breakers, it’s best to do an electrical panel change-out. Fuses can’t keep up with modern technology and pose a fire threat to your home. 
  • The panel is damaged: A broken or damaged breaker panel can endanger your home. Broken safety features can result in electrocution, fires, or damage to your home’s electrical system.
  • You notice strange smells: If you notice burning or other strange smells coming from your electrical panel box, contact us as soon as possible. A burning smell indicates a risk of fire or severe damage. If you suspect a fire, contact emergency service immediately.

Our Upgrade Services

Call Kliemann Brothers to replace your electrical panel. With instant online quotes, we’ll make the decision easy from the get-go. Our specialists stay up to date on the latest technology and can help you find the best electrical panel for your home and budget. 

Many homeowners are now switching from traditional electrical panels to smart electrical panels. Smart panels offer many benefits to your home, including lower energy usage and more control over your home’s electrical system.

If you’re curious about making the switch, contact one of our specialists to discuss your options. We’ll help you find the right choice for your home and complete your smart panel installation in less than a day.

After you choose your new panel, one of our highly trained technicians will visit your home and perform the upgrade. They’ll come equipped with the experience and tools to get the job done right and on time. You’ll experience instant benefits from your new electrical panel, such as savings, efficiency, and safety. 

We know a breaker box replacement is a big investment, so we’re making the jump easier with budget-friendly monthly payment plans for your service. Choose the best payment plan for your budget and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the lifespan of an electrical panel?

Electrical panels have an average lifespan of between 25 and 40 years. The rate of use and maintenance performed on the panel affects how long it lasts. Smart panels have a typical lifespan of 25 to 30 years, after which an upgrade is recommended.

Can I upgrade my electrical panel without rewiring my house?

Upgrading your electrical panel doesn’t necessarily mean you need to rewire your house. In most cases, the upgrade can be completed without rewiring. However, depending on the panel's size and the condition of the wiring, some rooms — or the entire house — may need to be rewired.

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