10 Most Common Reasons to Call for AC Repair

Kliemannbros -10 Most Common Reasons to Call for AC Repair

As a trusted residential air conditioning contractor in Tacoma, WA, since 1998, Kliemann Brothers has addressed every type of AC repair. Knowing when to call an HVAC repair company is essential. A seemingly minor AC problem can strain the system and cause more damage. Increased energy usage will raise your utility bill, while a refrigerant leak can make you sick. Any issue can lead to more costly repairs and shorten your air conditioner’s life.

You should call for AC repair if you experience these most common issues we see in Tacoma homes:

  1. Loud, Unusual Noises

Just about every air conditioner makes some noise. However, it’s time to call a professional if it starts making noises like never before. These are some of the most common AC noises to be concerned about:

  • Squealing or Whining: Often an indication of failing motor bearings.
  • Screeching/Shrieking: A sign of a malfunctioning condenser fan motor.
  • Banging or Rattling: Something’s wrong with the compressor.
  • Humming: A defective contactor relay switch.
  • Buzzing: Loose fan blades or an obstruction near a copper line.
  • Rattling: Debris in the outdoor unit or a damaged electrical contactor.
  • Hissing: An air duct leak, incompatible air filter, or faulty expansion valve.
  • Bubbling: Excess moisture from a drainage line issue.
  • Clicking: This can be a sign of a malfunctioning thermostat.
  1. Signs of a Refrigerant Leak

A less experienced HVAC contractor may just try to add more refrigerant if the levels are low. But AC refrigerant flows through a closed system, so none should be lost. The refrigerant charge should match the manufacturer’s specifications exactly. If it doesn’t, the technician should check for a leak, fix it, and then test the system. They also need to ensure your air conditioner has the correct amount of refrigerant.

  1. The AC Is Leaking Water

An AC produces condensation as it removes humidity from the air, which then passes through a drain line. A clogged pipe is a common problem. It can be quite damaging if not fixed. If the drain line and drain pan overflow or a pipe cracks, a water leak can significantly damage the AC system and your home. In severe cases, mold, rot, and structural damage can occur, so call for AC repair sooner rather than later.

  1. The Blower Won’t Stop Running

If the blower runs continuously, check the thermostat to see if the fan switch is set to “On”. If so, then the thermostat will not signal the fan to switch off (turn off the fan switch to see if the blower stops). However, a repair will be needed if the fan relay gets stuck or there’s a different mechanical or electrical issue. 

  1. A Decrease in Cooling Efficiency

Call for AC repair if:

  • The system is cooling your home more slowly
  • The temperature fluctuates wildly
  • Temperatures vary from room to room
  • Only warm air blows from the vents
  • You’ve changed the air filter and the problem remains

Unless clearing buildup or a blockage from a register or around the condenser unit resolves the issue, you’ll need to call for AC repair.

  1. The Coils Are Dirty

The evaporator and condenser coils are prone to getting dirty, especially if you skip regular maintenance. If the coils become coated, the system will run less efficiently and work harder, causing it to wear out. This is a common repair problem, but you can prevent it by hosing off the outdoor coil and cleaning the indoor coil with soap and water or a coil cleaning solution. If you’re not comfortable with this or have never cleaned the coils, hire a trained technician.

  1. Worn Mechanical Components

Mechanical wear and tear is common with all HVAC systems. Worn belts, bearings, and other parts can lead to reduced airflow, poor cooling performance, and overheating. Fortunately, small parts are easier to fix and replace than larger components. Some repairs can be avoided altogether by properly adjusting and oiling moving parts.

  1. Faulty Electrical Control

If the system turns on and off too frequently, it can wear out the compressor and fan controls. In older units, wires and terminals can corrode and electrical connections can become loose. A professional is trained and equipped to deal with these issues. They should also check all electrical components and connections during an AC inspection/tune-up.

  1. A Sensor Isn’t Working

The thermostat sensor measures the air temperature ahead of the evaporator coil. If the sensor is displaced, near a heat source, or touching the coil, it can send false readings. Your AC may then short cycle or run constantly. Some sensors can be adjusted. If this isn’t possible, call a repair technician.

  1. Neglected Maintenance 

Yearly maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns and costly AC repairs. If you skip annual air conditioner tune-ups, cleanings, and inspections, serious issues will eventually occur. Therefore, neglected maintenance is a common reason to call for air conditioning repair. By investing in routine care, you can save money by preventing more expensive problems.

Call a Trusted AC Repair and Maintenance Professional

Kliemann Brothers provides high-quality AC repair in the Tacoma area. While our trained, licensed, and certified technicians can fix any problem, regardless of the model, they also follow a detailed AC maintenance checklist so your system is ready for the demand and costly repairs are avoided. We offer a maintenance program, specials, and rebates to help you save even more. To schedule AC repair or maintenance in Tacoma, WA, call (253) 265-5268 today.

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