Whole-House Generators

Whole-house Generator service.
Whole-house Generator service.

When you lose electrical power, life at home comes to a stand still. Once it a while, it can be a refreshing change of pace to use candles and play board games with your family. However, if it happens more frequently or lasts for longer periods, you may take a dim view of it.

At Kliemann Brothers, we understand, living here in Tacoma, WA, and have a solution. Install a whole-house generator to power your home, or parts of it, during the outage. If you already have a whole-house generator, contact our electrical experts to help you with its maintenance and repairs. It does you no good if it’s not ready to operate to its potential when the next outage strikes.


Installing a whole-house generator is not something you can do yourself, unless you are a licensed electrician. The installation process deals with electricity, which is both complex and dangerous. Any time you work with electricity, it’s always wise to have a professional performing the job to avoid any chance of electrocution.

When our licensed and experienced electricians install a new generator, it’s a one- or two-day process. We need to install an electrical transfer switch, then connect the generator to the electric lines and your gas or propane fuel source. Our professionals will always choose the correct generator for your home. We carefully evaluate your home to calculate the appropriate model and load size for your needs. And we only work with the top-rated and highest-quality systems and materials, so you can rely on your new system handling your power crisis when you need it.


Though you may not use your generator on a regular basis, it still calls for regular maintenance. It’s a vital aspect of ownership. Fluids need checking and refilling, spark plugs require changing, components necessitate checking and cleaning. Our professionals recommend a once or twice annual maintenance appointment with us. We also suggest an appointment following a major period of usage to ensure your system is prepared for the next time you need it.

If you find your generator not working as it should or notice an unusual noise or smell, give our professionals a call. We will come out to assess the issue and promptly make any required repairs. Do not wait to call us, as the issue could affect your generator’s ability to perform safely and reliably.


Give our Kliemann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning experts a call at (253) 537-0655 if you are considering a whole-house-generator purchase or if your current one needs maintenance or a repair. We want to help with all your home-comfort needs.

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