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The news has been everywhere over the past few years. Our indoor air quality (IAQ) is worse than our outdoor air quality. The more airtight our homes are, the more our indoor-air-quality level proportionately decreases. At Kliemann Brothers, we know how important the air you breathe in your home is. Poor indoor air quality directly negatively affects your health, since it can contain pollutants and other hazardous contaminants. Let our air-quality specialists help you improve the air you breathe in your Gig Harbor, WA, home.

What Poor Indoor Air Quality Does

Poor indoor air quality can be dangerous to your health. But how can your indoor air be that bad? With our airtight houses, fresh outdoor air has a tough time getting inside throughout the year, and our inside air has an equally tough time getting out. This means any dust, bacteria, mold, airborne chemicals, smoke, and pet dander is locked inside to circulate straight to your lungs.

Breathing in these pollutants can result in severe health problems. Many times homeowners mistakenly think they have developed allergies or the flu when it’s actually due to their home’s air quality. Some common signs of poor indoor air quality are headaches, fatigue, nosebleeds, congestion, and dizziness, as well as irritated eyes, nose, and throat. If your air quality remains poor over a long period of time, you are likely to develop more long-term issues and conditions, some even life threatening such as heart disease, respiratory disease, and cancer.

In addition to negatively affecting your health, poor indoor air quality contributes to problems with your home’s heating-and-cooling system. When higher levels of contaminants get through to your system and remain trapped there, they can cause a host of problems resulting in repairs and a shortened system lifespan. Clean air in your home is healthiest all the way around.

How We Can Help

For the healthiest breathing air in your home, in addition to regularly changing your heating-and-cooling system’s filter, we highly recommend a whole-house filtration system. When we install a Trane CleanEffects™ air filtration system in your home, it will filter and clean up to 99.98 percent of the allergens and bacteria in your home’s air.

Why a CleanEffects Air Filtration System

As much air particles and debris a standard one-inch air filter stops, it can’t catch smaller sizes. It is designed to keep debris like pet hair and feathers from flowing through to your equipment, protecting it. But a Trane CleanEffects can trap particles down to 0.1 microns in size. Quite a difference.

The CleanEffects air cleaner is head and shoulders above other industry air cleaners. Its performance has been verified by leading experts at the Harvard School of Public Health. John Spengler, PhD, one of these Harvard School experts, as well as a cofounder of Environmental Health and Engineering, Inc., has verified Trane CleanEffects as uniquely capable of reducing airborne pollutants and creating a clean, comfortable climate inside your home.

Call Us to Clean Up Your Air

Let us partner with you to improve your health by improving your home’s indoor air quality. Installing and maintaining a whole-house air-filtration system will clean the air you breathe, boosting your health. Call our Kliemann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning professionals today at 253-537-0655 to discuss your home’s indoor-air needs.

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“Phenomenal service”

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