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Home Automation service.
Home Automation service.


When you make the decision to incorporate home automation into your home, call Kliemann Brothers. Our automation experts can help you make your Puyallup, WA, home smarter. And by making your home smarter, we are helping make your life smarter.


Think sitting in your family room watching a movie and turning off the lights upstairs from your tablet. Think being at work and adjusting your home’s temperature from your laptop. Think driving to the airport and locking your home’s front door from your smartphone. These are all feasible scenarios with home automation.

Home automation is a technological system connecting different aspects of your home—such as lightingheating and cooling, locks, and home security systems—to one central hub. This hub allows you to control multiple areas of your home from your web-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone with an app. Most of the heating-and-cooling systems, lighting, and locks in your home are accessible to incorporate into home automation with Nexia Home Intelligence and Schlage. The possibilities are countless.


Kliemann Brothers offers SPAN smart panel installations. With a SPAN panel, you can control and monitor every circuit in your home from a smartphone or tablet, understand how your home is sourcing, storing, and using energy in real time, and modernize your home with electrification upgrades like solar and battery storage. A smart home starts with a smart panel.


With technology growing by leaps and bounds at every turn, as you can imagine there are several levels of home automation available. You may choose to dip your toe in slowly and begin with a simple level of communication, addressing only one area of your home. Maybe controlling your home’s indoor temperature from your device or smartphone suits you. Or maybe you already have this control in your home and are looking to add additional components to your system.

We work with the most trusted companies and brands in home automation to give you more control of your home. With Nexia Home Intelligence, we can combine products like Trane ComfortLink™ control and Schlage Home Keypad Deadbolt and Schlage Home Dimmer Module to provide you with comprehensive smart management. Additionally, Nexia Home Intelligence offers a monthly subscription giving you the ability to remotely manage your home’s climate control, lighting, and home security via a web-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Whatever level fits your lifestyle and budget, our home-automation specialists can help you design and implement the perfect system for you. We work hard to stay ahead of trends and technology, so our specialists are ready to offer you both what’s tried and true as well as the newest components available. Our priority is your satisfaction and comfort. We will work with you customizing a system to make life at home more convenient and secure. With home automation, it’s all about you.


No matter if home automation is completely new to you or if you already have several components communicating in your home, our Kliemann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning professionals can help you move to the next level. We only work with the highest-quality systems and materials, so you can trust in our work. Call our experienced team today at (253) 537-0655 to talk home automation.

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