Technician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it.

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your investment in your home’s heating-and-cooling system is to schedule regular maintenance with our Kliemann Brothers professionals. By routinely cleaning and inspecting your system, you ensure it continues to operate at maximum energy efficiency, while contributing to an extended lifespan.

Many Tacoma, WA, homeowners fail to appreciate the significant impact regular maintenance has on their home and pocketbook. Instead, they tend to focus on the upfront bottom line instead of the long-term savings and positive effects. Without fail, this is an expensive mistake.

Why Regular Maintenance Saves You Money

As with any type of machinery or equipment, daily operation creates normal wear and tear on your system. Typical dust and debris existing in your home’s air also travels to and accumulates in your heating-and-cooling system. The combination of these scenarios generates the necessity of regular professional maintenance for your system.

By financially investing in maintenance, you are investing in the future of your system. Your system will require fewer repairs when one of our professionals cleans and checks it every year, or more frequently as needed. A large percentage of our heating-and-cooling service calls are caused by insufficient maintenance.

Additionally, you save money on your energy bills when your system runs efficiently due to maintenance. Your heating-and-cooling system was designed with a particular level of efficiency, but to sustain that efficiency, the manufacturer assumes you will properly maintain the system. Neglecting the recommended maintenance naturally decreases your system’s expected efficiency and costs you money with higher energy bills.

What You Can Expect From Our Maintenance Professionals

When you schedule a maintenance appointment with our professionals, rest assured your system will receive a thorough cleaning and inspection. Depending on which equipment we are maintaining at that appointment, we will perform a comprehensive examination of the system and its parts. We check for leaks, wear and tear, performability, and cleanliness, and then we conduct our detailed cleaning.

At the end of your appointment, we present any findings to alert you to any possible repairs you may need to make in the near future. We also give you some instruction on any maintenance you can conduct yourself, between our professional appointments. At this time in the appointment, we encourage you to ask any questions you may have about your system or any changes or upgrades you are considering.

Our Maintenance Packages

As a practice, we put you, our customer, first. That is why we developed our maintenance program—to offer you extensive options while extending savings to you. We want to help you properly care for your heating-and-cooling system. Our program offers several packages, each with different levels of benefits, flexibility, and pricing. We strive to accommodate all needs and budgets. Be sure to talk to one of our knowledgeable team members about what’s available and which package would best suit your needs.

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Your heating-and-cooling system is an investment in your home and comfort. But the investment doesn’t stop there. To protect what you have, you need to invest in regular maintenance as well. Call our Kliemann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning professionals today at 253-537-0655 to discuss how we can best serve you.

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Heat Pump Maintenance in Other, WA 98548

“Steve the service technician is an absolute Prince. Clean Timely courteous efficient and genuinely a pleasure to have come to the home.
I could not ask for a better experience.” – Lyle N.

Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance in Other, WA 98580

“Very thorough service.”

– George G.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Tacoma, WA 98387

“Friendly, Great Service, Absolutely worth every penny!”

– Laura C.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in University Place, WA 98466

“Austin was our service tech. He was friendly, professional and when finished, made sure we knew how to operate our thermostat, which we had not changed out after having the heat pump installed. He also wanted to make sure I knew that if I had any issues with either the furnace or the heat pump to call, anytime, even after hours. Nice to be reminded of that. Over all- so glad you are my go to for heating, etc.”

– Mary Lou H.

Air Handler Maintenance in Other, WA 98368

“great job”

– Michael B.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Other, WA 98360

“Thomas came out and was very nice and courteous. I would use kliemann brothers again.”

– Sonny T.

Air Handler Maintenance in University Place, WA 98466

“Many thanks to Thomas, who was so patient in leading me through the operation of our system and making appropriate recommendations.”

– Michael S.

Water Heater Maintenance in Bonney Lake, WA 98391

“Such great service at a reasonable price. Our Technician explained the process and was full of great advise for maintaining our systems.”

– Justin L.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Gig Harbor, WA 98335

“Maria provided us with excellent and professional service. We’ve been doing business with Klienmann Bros for almost 10 years. It has always been a pleasure doing business with this excellent, honest and professional company with their knowledgeable service staff. I am going to highly recommend them to friends and neighbors!!”

– Bonnie K.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Other, WA 98059

“Thomas was knowledgeable, efficient, and respectful.
He spent enough time to do a thorough assessment of the issues at hand and answered all my questions patiently.
Thank you, Thomas.”

– Nargis M.

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