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AC Services in Buckley, WA

Once the warm weather arrives in Buckley, you’ll be using your air conditioner often. The experienced team at Kliemann Brothers manages every aspect of AC repair, installation, or maintenance. We’re committed to ensuring your home is comfortable and that you can breathe easy all season. Summers in Buckley are relatively cooler compared to other parts of the country, but you never have to feel warm and stuffy at home when Kliemann Brothers is on your side.

We are here to help you with the following AC services:

AC Repair

An air conditioner issue on the warmest days of the year isn’t something you plan for. You can reduce the risk of dealing with an AC breakdown in your Buckley, WA, home by addressing repair issues as soon as you can. Call us if your AC starts making strange noises, is blowing warmer air, or is leaking water or refrigerant. Even if it stays on too long or not long enough, or you have higher energy bills, don’t hesitate to call. These are often the first signs of a problem.

Fortunately, our licensed and highly trained AC repair technicians are equipped to diagnose and correct any issue. They arrive with all the parts and tools they need. Prompt service and fast solutions ensure your home is once again cool and comfortable. Our team helps your AC once again run smoothly and efficiently; a prompt repair can even help prevent other problems and having to replace the system prematurely.

AC Installation

Whether installing an air conditioner in your new home, or the day has come for AC replacement, our professionals will advise you on the best-sized system for your home. An air conditioner’s size refers to its cooling capacity. The right size depends on your home’s square footage and other factors. We use the latest industry calculations to find equipment options that provide consistent comfort.

Proper installation also helps save on your utility bills. Our AC installation technicians ensure all components are correctly matched and connected. They work with only the highest quality equipment and materials and are familiar with the latest, most efficient systems. We recommend high seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) units that reduce your carbon footprint and meet the latest standards for energy savings and consistent comfort.

AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance protects your investment. While it helps prevent repairs and extend an air conditioner’s lifespan, it also ensures it runs at peak efficiency. Every AC undergoes wear and tear from normal use. Maintenance addresses issues such as dust and debris in your HVAC system, belts and connections that must be tightened, and moving parts that need to be lubricated. Our technicians also change air filters and perform other tasks that ensure proper airflow. 

When performing annual or more frequent maintenance, our team provides a comprehensive examination of every part and component. If any signs of wear, leaks, or contamination are found, the issue will be addressed even if it requires minor repairs. Our team can anticipate if any repairs may be needed in the future, recommend tips for you to follow, or determine if and when to consider system replacements or upgrades. 

Also, members of our maintenance program save on a range of services and packages with different levels of benefits to meet their needs and budgets.

Also Offering Zone Control Systems

Homeowners in Buckley, WA, can achieve the highest level of comfort with a zone control system. A zoning system divides your home into separate zones that can be heated or cooled separately. A zone can be a room, area, or entire floor. To set up a zoning system, we install zone dampers in your ductwork and a specialized thermostat and control panel. 

With zoning, you can turn off the AC in rooms you’re not using. Or, members of your household who prefer a different temperature than others can enjoy personalized comfort. Zoning is ideal for multi-level homes and properties with large open areas, large glass windows, or finished attics, basements, or above-garage rooms. For even greater efficiency, it can be paired with a programmable or smart thermostat, which our technicians can install for you.

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No matter what type of AC services you need in Buckley, WA, Kliemann Brothers is here to help. We quickly complete AC repairs to restore your cooling. You can also rely on our AC installation and AC maintenance experts for high-quality service. To learn more about zoning or our other HVAC services, or schedule an appointment, call (253) 265-5268 today.