10 Reasons Only a Professional Should Handle AC Repair

10 Reasons Only a Professional Should Handle AC Repair

Only a professional should perform AC repairs in your home. Air conditioning units are complex. They have many working parts. If you’re considering a DIY repair to save money, giving in to temptation can cost much more than hiring a skilled and dedicated professional. Here are 10 reasons to hire a qualified contractor for residential AC repair:

A licensed and certified AC professional has spent years training to fix different types and models. Their knowledge of repair issues is indispensable. Not only can they resolve the problem you’re experiencing, but a technician can also check for and diagnose other issues to fix, even if you didn’t know about them before. Therefore, any performance issues and inefficiencies can be corrected during their visit, and additional damage can be prevented.

Any type of AC repair requires tools you probably aren’t familiar with. If you’ve never seen a reciprocating saw or vacuum pump, attempting to use it can cause damage or an injury. Even using the wrong type of screwdriver can be hazardous (HVAC techs use insulated ones to protect against electric shock). A technician can also deal with unexpected issues. When a complication arises, they can troubleshoot and resolve it.

A contractor is familiar with all relevant industry standards. Learning them is part of the certification process. Many AC repair jobs require a permit, which involves an inspection and signature by a licensed professional. The contractor’s insurance is also a benefit; it covers the costs of any damage or injuries that occur while they’re working.

A professional AC repair can protect your finances on many levels (even when you consider the cost of labor). You’ll spend some money on air conditioner maintenance throughout its operating life. However, you can save by hiring a licensed contractor for the following reasons:

  • A correct diagnosis avoids major repairs due to unresolved issues.
  • Costly mistakes are unlikely; if they happen, the HVAC company’s insurance will cover repairs.
  • A professional will work until the problem is completely fixed.
  • Prompt repairs can increase system longevity, delaying replacement.
  • A technician’s knowledge and expertise help prevent further damage.
  • An AC in good repair will run more efficiently, saving on energy bills.
  • Failing to obtain a permit or meet local codes can result in costly fines.
  • Your homeowner’s insurance may not cover repairs due to DIY mistakes.

A professional knows the tools and techniques needed to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Without the proper knowledge, you may spend hours researching how to perform a repair, purchasing tools and materials, and figuring out the process. That doesn’t factor in the time needed to correct any mistakes and redo any steps. Instead of a full day or longer of work, a technician can get many repairs done in a couple of hours.

Your AC unit consists of many parts. Any one of them can break; this can be due to wear or other issues in the system. Your AC repair contractor has the necessary parts in their warehouse or vans. If not, they’re closely connected with suppliers that can deliver them quickly. But if you try to fix the system yourself, you’ll have to wait for the parts to be delivered to your home; or, you risk choosing the wrong size or type of part, which wastes money and can damage the unit.

A botched DIY repair doesn’t only waste time and increase initial repair costs. It can also void your warranty. This means making a mistake or missing an issue with, for example, a belt or capacitor can cost you substantially. The consequences may not be immediately realized. An issue can grow over time into something major. If it’s determined your unprofessional repair work is the reason, the manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover any AC repair or replacement costs.

Another consideration is your AC contractor’s guarantee. Most HVAC companies include a guarantee with their services for a specified period after a repair. If an issue occurs due to a defective part or workmanship, the company will cover the cost to correct it.

If you don’t fully understand how your HVAC system works, trying to repair it puts your safety at risk. Mishandling electrical components can result in a shock or electrocution. A mistake with wiring or electronic components can also cause a fire, while a damaged coil can expose you to toxic vapor. Even if you manage to avoid immediate injury, incorrectly fixing an AC system can result in airflow and indoor air quality issues. These can affect the comfort and health of you and everyone in your household.

A professional knows what to do if your AC system suddenly stops working. Your local HVAC contractor may even have emergency hours and can get to your home if the system breaks down late at night or on the weekend. They may charge extra, but you won’t go for long without cool air. This ensures your comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

The same contractor that can fix your AC also knows how to maintain it. They can go beyond repairing an urgent issue by cleaning the system, checking refrigerant levels, and replacing filters and other worn components. Preventative maintenance can save you money and extend the life of your air conditioning system. If you haven’t already, your AC repair tech can schedule an annual maintenance appointment to ensure your system stays at peak performance. 

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