Gas Furnace Installation in Other, WA 98251

“We had a Coleman furnace system put into our second home (which is barely used) during its build back in 2010. Over the past three years we have had issues with it stopping during the winter resulting in damages caused by snow sliding down roof taking gutters with it once unit was repaired by another company. I say this because upon calling Kliemann brothers we were told they do not go out that far, even after telling them they installed it. This past Feburary we had yet another shut down in the unit causing more damages and resulting in needing a new system. This was determined because it was found that during the install Kliemann did not use the correct oriffices to convert propane causing build up that over time destroyed the heat exchanger and burners. I contacted the owner Herb in March, he apologized for the poor workmanship and stated that the system should have lasted 15-20 years and that he would compensate us the difference. I have tried several times to contact him but he refuses to converse so to date Herb has not followed through with his promise. Having said this I would give them a poor rating and beware of their workmanship and lack of support after install.”

– Dawn T.