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There are dozens of decisions in front of you at any one time when you are building a new home. One you certainly want to address at the beginning of your project is your partner for your heatingventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and electrical. When you work with your HVAC and electrical company from the start of your design phase, the process will deliver a more satisfying and cost-effective end result.

At Kliemann Brothers, we work on residential new-construction teams here in the Tacoma, WA, area on a regular basis, so we have the knowledge and experience necessary for a successful partnership. In addition to our credentials speaking for us, our philosophy toward customer satisfaction illustrates who we are. We have built our stalwart reputation on customer service, always providing honest and ethical service alongside our outstanding craftsmanship.

When undertaking a venture like building a new home, it’s never a seamless course, but working with our HVAC and electrical professional teams, you can come pretty close. We are home-comfort specialists, meaning we will work tirelessly to ensure you will be comfortable in your home.


Designing your home with your HVAC system in mind is always wise. The system you install is entirely contingent upon many factors in your home, such as your square footage, how many windows and doors you have, and your site’s environment. When our professionals can be involved from the initial stage, we can end up saving you money.

Incorporating all the necessary factors into our calculations up front allows us to design and install the most energy-efficient and highest-quality heating-and-cooling system for your home at a cost-effective price. We can recommend changes or allowances to aid in meeting all your needs, keeping cost efficiency in the plans.

Working together with you and the rest of your construction team gives us the opportunity to suggest any needed accommodations along the way for special or cutting-edge equipment, always thinking of your bottom line. We only work with the highest-rated systems and materials, both during design and installation. If we are part of your design team, we can implement these plans early on. Any custom orders or tweaks can be accomplished in a timely manner, preventing time delays in your schedule.

Being part of the team from the beginning also ensures we are around for all phases of your HVAC build. We are there on site to supervise and check every aspect of your installation, verifying your ductwork, vents, and auxiliary components are installed properly. Wherever we are involved, our professionals adhere to the highest standards and verify your goals and needs are met.


Most things in your home requiring power utilize electricity. So when it comes to equipping your new home with what you need, you definitely want someone who has the training and experience to perform the job correctly and efficiently. This is precisely what our licensed and insured professional electricians do.

As part of your construction design-and-build team, our professional electricians will be there every step of the way. We will advise and implement your electrical systems to bring value, safety, cost savings, energy savings, and security to you and your home. At Kliemann Brothers, we don’t believe in taking shortcuts. Rarely are the savings worth it. But at the same time, we know no one likes to waste money. So we measure twice, cut once. When we perform an electrical job, we take no chances and only take the safest route, because that is the foundation of our work credo. We do for you what we would do for ourselves.


Investing in building a new home is a gratifying, yet expensive, endeavor. You need to be sure you only work with the best. The best people. The best equipment. The best materials. The best ideas. And that is what you get from Kliemann Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning every time. Call us today at 253-537-0655 to discuss how we can help make your dream home a reality.

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