Tacoma, WA

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system in your Tacoma home plays an integral role in keeping you comfortable. Without a properly working air conditioning system, you will be left in heat and humidity, which can be intense over the summer here in Washington. Instead of risking feeling uncomfortable in your own home, turn to Kliemann Brothers for the cooling services you need to ensure your system is in top shape.

Whether you’re in need of replacement, installation, repairs, or maintenance, our experts can help with it all. We are committed to providing you with the solutions you need to achieve ideal indoor home comfort during any day of the year.

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Commercial Services

Looking to have a brand new heating and cooling system installed at your commercial business in Tacoma, WA? Kliemann Brothers has years of expertise and knowledge in providing a wide array of commercial services. Let our experts answer any questions you may have and help by installing a new system in your building and improving the indoor air quality (IAQ), allowing for better focus and increasing productivity as a result.

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Ductless Systems

With Kliemann Brothers offering the best ductless system services in Tacoma, WA, you always get the proper heating and cooling you need for your home. Whether it’s installation for a brand new construction home you are looking for or it’s time to add an extra system in your current Tacoma home to ensure adequate heating and cooling, our professionals are the best team for the job.

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No matter what your electrical service needs are for your Tacoma, WA, home, Kliemann Brothers is here for you. We provide expert installation as well as a variety of services to ensure your electric and related systems are performing properly.

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Leave all of your furnace needs for your Tacoma, WA, home to our Kliemann Brothers professionals. We can provide a new furnace for your newly purchased home or replace your outdated furnace.

Is your furnace fairly new but making a strange sound or not heating properly? Our experts will take a look and provide the repair you need to have it working properly again.

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Heat Pumps

For top-quality heat pump installation in Tacoma, WA, Kliemann Brothers has a team of professionals you can always trust. We are highly skilled and trained in all heat pump services so whether you need a replacement, repair, or maintenance, look no further.

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Indoor Air Quality

Looking for ways to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Tacoma, WA, home? Kliemann Brothers has a number of different products and systems to help clean the air in your home.

Instead of breathing in contaminants all day long, breathe in fresh air to live healthier and focus better.

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Looking for a trusted heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company in Tacoma, WA, to perform routine preventative maintenance? Kliemann Brothers is here to provide you with phenomenal maintenance service each and every time you opt for it.

You can make it easier on yourself by scheduling your maintenance visits early. Enjoy having your system maintained each year to keep your system operating smoothly throughout the year.

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Whole-House Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Trouble with your current whole house humidifier in your Tacoma, WA, home? Maybe it’s your whole house dehumidifier that isn’t functioning like it used to when it was first installed.

No matter the issue, Kliemann Brothers is here to assist with all of your humidity-level needs. We offer repairs and routine maintenance to ensure your whole-house humidifier and whole-house dehumidifier are working effectively.

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Zone Control Systems

Imagine your Tacoma home being more energy efficient than ever before, resulting in significant savings on your heating and cooling costs. Adding a zone control system to your home could make this a reality, and Kliemann Brothers wants to help.

Our experts will evaluate your home and go over the different options that will work for the needs and specifications of your home. We will provide the installation, and you will be left to experience optimal comfort inside your Tacoma, WA, home.

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“Maria is an asset to Klieman Brothers. She was professional, on time, and explained everything. I was glad she was able to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Way to go Maria.”
- Marilyn B.
“Well my home isn’t big and fancy but it’s home and I’m always hesitant to hire people to come in and add or fix things …. After getting quotes from others and just not feeling good vibes from them I again invited Kliemann brothers to give me a estimate, Stephanie was the gal to give me a quote , what a genuine nice no pressure representative of this wonderful company she was and is just lovely and the knowledge she has of the products is unbelievable she does such a outstanding job of representing this company! I felt more than comfortable picking this company for my needs. The installers were kind and respectful and did a amazing job! Kliemann has my num. one vote and I will be recommending them to all my friends and family … thank you!”
- Terry S.
“Brady Dillon and his assistant Bartollo replaced my 21+ year old furnace in record time! The team’s professionalism and obvious knowledge had the job done quickly and completely, with no real impact to my day. Brady made sure to explain my new furnace and its features thoroughly, and made sure that I had no questions before he left. This level of professional service is getting harder to find, and I appreciate Kliemann Brothers’ dedication to providing it. I am also impressed with Klieman Brothers’ embrace and implementation of technology throughout the entire process, from quoting the system, to scheduling the install, and right up to the installation. Kliemann Brothers will be my go-to HVAC provider from now on!”
- Christopher A.
“Erich came by today to provide the periodic maintenance on our heat pump contract and did great. He was professional, worked steady and answered all my questions fully. He left no mess. All in all a great representative of Kliemann quality!!”
- Theodore C.
“If I could give more then 5 starts I would! Working with Kliemann Brothers is like working with family. I can’t express how blown away we were with this company. From the moment when Stephanie came out to evaluate and give us a bid we knew right away that we were going with Kliemann Brothers. She treated us like family and took her time to get to know us and was professional all at once. Then when Jace and his crew came out to install once again we were blown away at how efficient and friendly they were. They even did extra touches to make everything look clean and new. After everything was installed Jace came back about 2 weeks later to do a follow up and took his time to help explain and make things easier to understand. Almost 2 months later Stephanie called and wanted to come by and see how we were doing and if we were enjoying our new unit. This whole process was stress free and when you work with Kliemann Brother you are not a client you are a family member and they make sure you know that.”
- Steve Daskam D.
“After a very productive sales meeting with Chase (professional, knowledgeable, friendly, courteous) a couple of weeks ago, we opted to use your company to replace our heating/air conditioning systems. Over the course of a very busy 2 days, Josh Pearce and his colleague, Jack, worked their socks off – they just didn’t stop! Both guys were extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly, courteous (is this a Kliemann trait??) and tidied up so well when the job was done. They took the time to explain the new system to us and answered all our questions on a level we could understand.”
- Hugh D.
“Jeremy was able to provide first class service, great explanation of the problem, possible solutions, expectations of repair, spent a great deal of time getting to the heart of the issue and performed necessary repair. Very pleased with the repair call and solutions”
- David S.
“We just had a new furnace installed this week. There were some difficult obstacles to overcome in the install. The team had to do some rework, but they never let up and they got the job done in fine fashion. Install team and sales were top notch. I would highly recommend Kliemann Brothers to anyone that needs a new furnace and install. Great job guys, Mike M”
- Mike M.
“Very satisfied with service. Had a furnace and heat pump installed. From the rep that went over what I wanted to the installers, I was very satisfied. I highly recommend Klieman Brothers.”
- Sharon t.
“Stephanie R. was so personable, professional and relatable. Scheduling took a bit but the person took the time to make it work to have it all done in one day. ( Electrical and unit installation.) The installers were respectful of our home and wore boot covers and laid down a floor covering. Thanks Klieman team!”
- Gervase H.