Platinum Package


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Residential applications only. All prices are subject to change. Some locations may be subject to a trip charge. Price is for 1 heating only or 1 heating and cooling system ONLY. If customer is not currently on a prepaid maintenance agreement with Kliemann Brothers, 1st maintenance will be charged at $85.00+tax (For ductless systems containing more than one indoor unit, customer will be charged $52.00+tax for each additional indoor unit). Monthly charges will start the following month. If 3 payments are rejected by the customer’s financial institution, Kliemann Brothers reserves the right to terminate the agreement. Customer may cancel with 2 weeks written notice. Kliemann Brothers may cancel with 90 days written notice to the customer. Kliemann Brothers will not refund previous payments. Agreement is fully transferable to new homeowners. For the Platinum Agreement, Nexia thermostat must be registered with Nexia and connected to WIFI. Kliemann Brothers supplied Nexia thermostat remains property of Kliemann Brothers until agreement has been active for 3 years. If agreement is terminated before 3 years, customer has the option to pay the remaining balance of the thermostat ($360 value).*Included filters are standard 1” pleated merv 8. **3/5 year Warranty valid if system is not past its life expectancy (avg. 10-12 yrs). If past life expectancy, warranty on repairs will be 1yr.