Nexia Setup

Thank you for purchasing Nexia Home Automation products from Kliemann Bros. The following information will assist you in the setup and management of your Nexia System.  If you need further assistance or want to add more Nexia devices, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Welcome to the smart home community!


Help and Troubleshooting online document click here


Initial Setup

XL824/Xl850 Thermostat

XL950 Thermostat

Click Here for Nexia Setup Instructions


Device Enrollment with Nexia

There are Multiple ways to enroll devices with your Nexia account.

If you have the Trane XL824/XL850 thermostat installed in your home the thermostat is also your Nexia bridge.  To learn how to enroll devices with the XL824.XL850 thermostat click here for detailed instructions.

If you have any other Trane thermostat installed and you want to be able to add other devices you must have a Nexia Bridge.  If you do not have a Nexia Bridge call Kliemann Bros for pricing.

All devices will require that you already have a Nexia account set up.  To set up your account go to